Daily Tarot Reading for May 15

Daily Tarot Reading for May 15

Bottom of the deck: Queen of Swords. Communication that depends on you. Interaction with an air sign. Stop waiting for them to call/text you. Do it yourself!

General: 7 of Swords Rx and Ace of Wands. Sudden influx of guilty feelings. Sudden confession (could be good or bad). The truth is out now.

Love: Page of Pentacles Rx and The 9 of Pentacles. Love offer falls through and you’re still single. Rejection. You’d rather be single. Rejecting offers of comfort and protection by a loved one because you value independence.

Career: 5 of Cups rx and King of Wands. Dealing with a fire sign who is over past failures. You overcoming past failures such as unemployment and taking charge of your own life and it being beneficial to you career wise.


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