Daily Tarot Reading for May 16

Hello lovelies! This is your daily tarot reading for May 16 2017. Finally after a hectic beginning of the month, we have some nice upright cards for us.

Bottom of the deck: Fool Rx. Foolishness. Short term thinking. Being short sighted. Think carefully before speaking or acting out something. You don’t know how it might backfire on you. 

General: The Moon and The 4 of Wands. Stable emotions. Secrets within a “normal” stable family or relationship. Look behind the seemingly normal appearance and get the truth out. With the fool rx. on the bottom of the deck, misplaced trust or commitment. 

Love: The Hierophant and The Queen of Wands. 

For those in a relationship: asking your man to commit to you yourself because you’re impatient af. And quite honestly, you value honesty and being upfront in a relationship. Someone’s a marriage material😉. Not quite the Queen of Pentacles who is the standard homemaker or wifey material but the Queen of Wands has a nice balance of being homey and being a diva. Sassy wife. 

For singles: Meeting the Queen of Wands (could be male or female fire sign) who embodies a gentle feistiness (oxymoron, I know) to them. These type of people can be innocent and sexy at the same time. Nice smile comes to my mind. Great sex appeal. The girl/boy next door who pleasantly surprises you when they turn up totally dressed up from head to toe. 

Career: 9 of Cups and Queen of Cups Rx. Your career goal/wish just came true and you’re absolutely overwhelmed with joy that you’re crying laughing at the same time. Dream came true and you got the job/position but you’re ungrateful and disappointed. Unhappy with what you’ve got. Feeling down and blue but dreams come true in anycase to your surprise!


Author: skyjee

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