Daily Tarot Reading for May 17

Hi Darlings,

This is your daily tarot reading for wednesday May 17. My energy has finally begun to stabilize and I’m actually feeling really great this week. 

Okay, diving right into the reading. You have The Devil Rx. on the bottom of the deck and a lot of you guys might be taking the time to reflect on your self destructive addictions as serious as substance abuse to simple things like drama addiction. The key word is master. You will be mastering and overcoming unhealthy habits in that range from personal relationships to eating habits. So take care y’all. It’s not an easy energy. 

General: 8 of Cups and The Knight of Wabds Rx. Letting go of a fuck boy who made you feel, oh so good, but let you down so many times as well. Shedding old unhealthy habits such as havig anger issues. Releasing frustration. Conscious art of letting go. 

Love: The Star and The Queen of Swords Rx. Angry S.O.(male or female air sign)but there is still hope for y’all. Get them their favorite snack, take them out, romance them a little bit. Will they relax and calm down? Prolly not. But you tried. Healing your relationship with your overly critical mother/sister. Your S.O. will try to make up with you if you fought yesterday. Don’t be a bitch. 

Career: King of Cups and Knight of Pentacles. Being emotionally mature will help you get through work place drama or just a slow day. A gentle water sign male or female offers you emotional support at work or helps you out with difficult work projects.


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