Daily Tarot Reading May 18

Things are looking pretty good despite The Chariot Rx. being on the bottom of the deck for you all. Things that you’ve hoped for or been planning may have gotten out of control or your emotional balance is out of control and you may regret the things that you did in a moment of sadness or anger so beware!

General: Knight of Cups Rx. And The Moon. Fear of romance. Secret attraction. You have a secret admirer but nothing will come off it because the dude/gal thinks that they don’t stand a chance with you. Emotional outburst. Angry crier. Secret romance.

Love: Five of Swords Rx. and The Empress. Snarky belittling argument ends because one party gave in and now the relationship is finally blooming again. Feelings of guilt. Giving in to love and letting it blossom.

Career: Five of Pentacles Rx. And The Wheel of Fortune. Lady luck is finally on your side again and money is finally coming through for you. 


Author: skyjee

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