Daily Tarot Reading for May 19

Bottom of deck: Page of Cups. Love offers. Having a crush on someone. Giddy feeling you get when you’re with someone you love.

General: Queen of Swords Rx. And The Queen of Wands Rx.😱 Cat fight between women. Passive aggressive arguments. Intellect and passion not in alignment. Avoid rocking the boat tomorrow. Overly sarcastic and bitchy person being around you or you are being one.

Love: Page of Pentacles Rx and the 4 of Cups. A love offer or commitment offer that doesn’t come through but something that exceeds your expectation does come through for you. The love offer isn’t really something you wanted and you are disappointed. Disaffection with lack of loyalty or commitment.

Career: 8 of Cups and 2 of Cups Rx. Letting go and moving on from a job that you hate. You lost your passion and affection for it and now you’re quitting voluntarily in search for something else.


Author: skyjee

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