Daily Tarot Reading For May 22

Bottom of the deck: Hanged Man Rx. New refreshing insights. Turning something upside down to see it in a different perspective. Getting the answer. Lightbulb moment just when you need it. 

General: The Lovers and The Page of Swords. Communication from a crush/significant other. Decisions surrounding a relationship. Letting someone know how you feel about them.

Love: 6 of Wands and The Strength. Confidence is sexy😗😉. The opposite sex are particularly attracted to you today. You are gorgeous/handsome and you know it. Magnetic attraction. Make sure to let your bf/gf know that you appreciate them and you always find them sexy and appealing. You will be rewarded for it *wink* *wink*

Career: King of Wands Rx  and The High Priestess Rx. Getting the obvious things wrong and getting punished for it. The office jerk’s next target is you. Don’t be the logical one. Be the intuitive one and avoid trouble with him/her. Unnecessary drama at work. 


Author: skyjee

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