Daily Tarot Reading for May 23

Bottom of the deck: 7 of Wands. Perserverance. Defending your position. Being under attack. External circumstances challenging you and allowing you to mature as a person.

General: 10 of Cups Rx. And The Judgement. Decisions about changing an unhappy family life. Actively changing something you don’t feel happy or fulfilled about. Divorce. Coming out.

Love: Lovers and 8 of Cups. Breakup. Letting go and moving on from someone due to distance or obstacle being present. Choosing one lover over the other. Purposely moving away or letting go of a potential relationship to focus on something else such as career, etc. 

Career: Page of Pentacles Rx. And Page of Wands. Job offer that is rescinded but another exciting offers comes instead. Dropping a precious exciting opportunity because you would prefer stability. Offer is right in front of you but you can’t see it because you’re focused on something else.


Author: skyjee

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