Daily Tarot Reading For May 24

Whew! Just finished all the backed up tarot readings for my clients! Due to popular demands, I will be extending the promo for another week😆 Thank you everyone who’ve tried out my readings and spells.

General: The Magician rx. And the page of Swords. There is a gossip or someone unkind and mean spirited who is going to reach out to you in an attempt to sabotage your work or just to manipulate you. Avoid this person! 

Also, Your desires will manifest but also in an unexpected way because there is a step you missed in law of attraction. 
Love: The Lovers Rx and The 3 of Pentacles. The classic 3rd party situation. Choosing one person over the other and going ahead with yor choice of building a committed relationship with them. 3 is definitely a crowd🙂

But for a lot of you, I feel today will be the day where you realize that relationships require work and if something is not working out in a partnership, both parties need to put in their efforts to fix it.

Career: 9 of Cups and Knight of Pentacles Rx. One job offer or position is going to fall through and you will not be getting it but another dream job will be offered to you today! You will be getting your wish despite the delay or another offer falling through. 


Author: skyjee

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