Daily Tarot Reading for May 25

Getting two readings out there because I’m so busy😱. It’s what I wished for and i’m so grateful for the opportunity to offer my services to everyone but I never knew i’d be this busy! Thank you universe though💕

General: Six of Swords Rx and Ten of Swords Rx. Ending And healing cannot take place because you are still holding on to the anger and pain you’ve felt in the past and it is still affecting you till this day. 

For others, something that you thought jad finished in the past such as a relationship or even a work project will come back to you for completion.

Love: The Lovers and The Temperance Rx. I see arguments and one person lashing out to the other because of mood swings.

If you feel frustrated towards you partner or are prone to being snappy to them when you’re tired or hungry (me), remember that they too have their own problems and they’re not with you just to take your complaints. 

Appreciate them and communicate your desires to them in a healthy way. On another note, you could feel whacky because you need to make a decision between two people or between being with a person and pursuing your own independent goals. 

Career: Ace of Cups rx. And the Hermit rx. Aaaaand you’ve hit the plateau in your current career. Whether or not you are employed at this time, nothing is enjoyable to you and you are very depressed today. Everything will be okay once you start focusing on the energy that you’re sending out right now. 


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