Daily Tarot Reading for May 26

General: The 10 of Wands and The Ace of Cups. Feeling burdened and stressed due to the lack of love and support. There’s no enjoyment in your current relationship, Job, or hobby. 

Love: 9 of Pentacles and 2 of Swords Rx. Admit that you have co-dependency issues. Fixing such issues begin with admitting and being honest. 

You may be willfully turning a blind eye to the fact that your loved one would prefer it if you were more independent, financially and emotionally. 
For others of you, you are intentionally choosing being single over settling for a relationship. 

Career: Page of Wands Rx. And The Hanged Man Rx. Make informed decisions. Don’t act impulsively no matter how much you hate your boss or job.

 Be careful of what you say to whom. Double check that email before sending it out. You will reach a conclusion about your job which hasn’t been giving you any joy or passion. You will decide on an answer.


Author: skyjee

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