Daily Tarot Reading for May 27

General: 4 of Cups Rx and 9 of cups Rx.  Universe giving waaaay more than what you asked and just dumping all your wishes and manifestation goals all of a sudden. Acting instead of passively waiting to achieve something. 
Love: Judgement and The Queen of Pentacles Rx. Deciding to change your lazy unhealthy habits such as dietary habits, smoking habits, or something even as trivial as showering first after you get home instead of lounging around in sweaty clothes while eating Cheetos. 

Decisions regarding an earth sign female who is a negative influence to you. 

Career: Page of Wands Rx. And the Wheel of Fortune Rx. Your career is not progressing because of a delayed message regarding a job or simply because you no longer find your job/hobby interesting. 


Author: skyjee

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