Daily Tarot Reading for May 28

General: King of Swords and The Death Rx. Thinking so much that you’re stuck in a rut. Thinking up a solution to progress. Dealing with an unchanging and stubborn air sign person who frustrates you because the relationship just isn’t going anywhere. 

Love: Judgement and 2 of Swords. Time to face the truth about your loved one and make the necessary decision. 

Being stuck between two people but you will have to decide who to cut off and who to pursue a relationship with. 

Avoiding the next phase of a relationship. Avoiding the needed “what are we conversation”.

Career: Ace of Cups Rx and 5 of Cups Rx. “Oh, why did I even get this job? I don’t even love it. I hate it”- kind of situation. 

The job no longer fills you with a sense of affection, gratitude, ans happiness. You’re doing your job but barely. 


Author: skyjee

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