Daily Tarot Reading for June 07


General: The Empress. You feel that life is absolutely beautiful and full of meaning today. You are progressing in every area whether that is spirituality, love, career, or even in areas such as your personal goals. You will reap what you sow and you will definitely see the results of your past efforts today.


Love: Six of Cups Rx. Past love. Your ex is returning today or you may be reaching out to them because you miss them tremendously. Someone you’ve known from the past such as a childhood friend may return to your life as a potential romantic interest today. Also, for those taken, learn from your past mistakes. Don’t repeat the same mistakes with your current SO.


Career: King of Cups. Your emotionally mature side will be put to a little bit of a test today as everyone will seemingly need your support and kindness to get through their day. Your boss may get unreasonably stern with you but before cursing them under your breath, remember that your boss has a boss as well and they were probably chewed from them or are dealing with difficult personal problems. Be mature and people will notice it.


Author: skyjee

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