Daily Tarot Reading for June 08


It’s finally Thursday! We all just have to go through one more day to enjoy a lit 😀 weekend! My tarot cards are so frayed now. I’ll have to get a new deck for daily tarot readings.

General: Six of Wands. Victory, confidence, and admiration is around you today. People will recognize the hard work you’ve put in in order to get what you have right now and they will applaud you for it. As an advice, the card is suggesting that seemingly “difficult” people or events will solve themselves once you change your attitude to a confident one.

Love: Wheel of Fortune Rx. Our exes are around us once again. Or this is you,again, being unable to move on because you’re holding on to all the memories that you’ve had of this person. Go with the flow and be surprised since you never know what’s around the corner when it comes to trusting the universe for your love life.

Career: 7 of Wands. A little bit challenging and a little bit fun. You may feel as if your co-workers and supervisors are ganging up on you for no reason at all and you may have to defend yourself from their pettiness. Or like murphy’s law, things that can go wrong, will go wrong today at work.


Author: skyjee

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