Daily Tarot Reading for June 09


General: The World. Things are coming together for a wonderful conclusion and it’s coming whether you want it or not. It’s the end of one phase and the renewal of another. So you may experience some turbulence in your love life or other areas of your life that could go in two drastically different ways.

Love: The Hanged Man Rx. New insight and answer is needed or is available to you in regards to your love life today. If you were curious about your partner’s unexplained behavior, you will get an answer today. After long periods of waiting for a decision to be made about your union, you will hear from your partner or you will reach out to them with a decision regarding your relationship.

Career: The Hierophant. Culture and tradition may play an important part in your work today. Avoid making cultural stereotypes or rude jokes just for laughs today or be careful whom you share that joke with today. This is you doing what you “should” do in terms of your career because it’s what everyone else is doing as well. So, you’re taking the tried and true path today for your work. You could also be mentoring someone or vice versa.


Author: skyjee

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