Daily Tarot Reading for June 10

I’m having an awesome weekend! What about you guys? How’s your weekend going?

General: 5 of Cups Rx. Things are looking better for you simply because you don’t have time to stay in an emotional limbo or depression. 

You’ve gone through this battle whether it’s an existential crisis or a break up in friendship/romantic relationship before, so it doesn’t really shake you up anymore.

Love: 8 of Pentacles Rx. Less is more. Stop chasing after your lover or love interest. Give them so much space that they’ll wonder what is going on with you. 

Don’t try so much especially if they haven’t spent as much energy into your union as you have. It’s time for them to flirt with you, make jokes with you, and take you out to a nice place. 

Career: Ace of Pentacles. New customers/clients or even new opportunities that will better you financially.

If you’ve been waiting for a job or for a potential employer to call back, you will get the job as you’ve expected!


Author: skyjee

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