Daily Tarot Reading for June 11

General: The Empress. Things that you’ve been waiting for will start to progress quite amazingly and due to the nurturing energy of the empress being around you, kids and people will show much more attraction to you today!

Loved ones may come over to hear your advice or be pampered to the core because my god, you know how to feed someone well.

Love: The Emperor Rx.

A bully trying to change you for their benefit is around you. Don’t give in to all their egoisitc ways. Keep your ground and set up a clear boundary.

This could also be you trying to change every aspect of your loved one. Just throw the towel in. It’s not right for you to try and change someone and they’re not going to listen anyway. Love them for who they are and accept their quirks. 

Career: The Chariot Rx. Your career will halt to a stop today either because you are exhausted and you need to rest, or because you made a big mistake that went unnoticed for awhile.

Take this chance to recuperate and get back up with even more energy.

Also, no matter how much you try to fix your relationship with yor co-worker,boss, or general work issues, they just won’t cooperate.

It would be easier for you to just experience a crash landing where everything goes wrong but you let it happen anyway because you can’t control it.


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