Daily Tarot Reading for June 12


General: The Tower. My oh my, what is going on? There’s turmoil and angry outbursts around you today.

You or someone around you has finally had enough. If you’ve done something wrong to someone and hoped that it would have gone unnoticed, you’re out of luck because confrontation is imminent.

This could also be you being fed up with everything, destroying everything metaphorically or even literally, and starting from the scratch.


Love: 9 of Pentacles. Independence and your sense of self worth is important to you today. This self-worth will help you in many aspects of your life, not just your romantic life. You know who you are, what you want, and who you want. For others, being single may be more appealing at this time and you may be turning away love offers. Be okay with doing things alone whether or not you are in a relationship.


Career: The Chariot. Perseverance is needed today. I would say that today will be 5/10 difficult for you but you can get through it if your head is in the right place. Also, an offer,progress, or someone important is coming towards you today!


Author: skyjee

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