Daily Tarot Reading for June 13


General: 7 of Pentacles. When will it happen? When will love come in? When will I get a good job? There’s a lot of “when” for you today. Be patient. There is a time for everything and you will always see progress and results to situations/things/people that you have vested your interest in.


Love: 10 of Wands. Burden and exhaustion. You or your partner are tired and at your wit’s end today because there is an obstacle that is seemingly impossible to get through between you two.

This is just life being the external influence in your relationship and you’re not the only one feeling the effect of this so stay grateful of your partner’s presence and work together today.

For singles, love is just not happening. It’s not the right time or it’s the wrong person for you. Stop spending your emotional energy to someone who is not reciprocating it!


Career: Page of Swords. News and documents. Double check all emails and documents before sending them out because most likely, you left something out. Also, news about employment or business venture is coming today!


Author: skyjee

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