Daily Tarot Reading for June 15


General: Ace of Wands. Passion. News. Excitement. Motivation. All these will surround you today. You will receive a news quite unexpectedly from someone or get motivated to get in shape, eat healthier, or pursue your own passion.

Love: The Empress Rx. Unhealthy female influence stands between you and your loved one today. This could be you having a rough day or another person coming in between you and your loved one. For singles, your love life just isn’t moving forward today. And that’s okay too because you need to focus on being your best self today.

Career: The Wheel of Fortune Rx. Past mistakes coming back to haunt you because you have not learned your lesson then. If you’re unemployed, you may be finding it hard to let go of past habits or you may be searching for jobs that you have done in the past with no luck.


Author: skyjee

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