Daily Tarot Reading For June 18


When are my tarot cards coming  because this one’s all frayed and in need of rest.

I feel so blessed that I have the financial freedom to buy more cards and do more awesome video readings for my clients and for my Youtube channel because never in my wildest dreams did I imagine myself getting 3K in subscribers and doing readings for so many clients<3

I’m going to manifest some extra income so I can buy a decent laptop for myself this month! Also, I’m preparing an article/video on my experience with law of attraction, how I apply it, and the difference between LOA and spells.

General: 2 of Swords. “Help, what should I do? My heart says do it but my brain says no.” type of energy is present today. Why are you delaying your decision? Is it necessary to or is it because you don’t want to face something or someone?

Love: 8 of Cups. Moving on. Some of you are going to break up with your bf/gf today, unfortunately. However, what good is it to stick for someone who doesn’t value you or to stick for a relationship that no longer brightens your day or makes you feel fulfilled. You’re turning your back on them because you know better and you’d like to heal and rest now. You’re moving away from a loved one/interest physically and/or emotionally.

Career: King of Cups. Carefully given affection (platonic) and advice will help you become a favorite amongst your co-workers or this can be given to you by someone else as well.

Take criticisms like a champ, learn from your mistakes, and let things slide if it’s not important. Also, you may choose a job that gives you emotional fulfilment instead of more income.


Author: skyjee

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