Daily Tarot Reading for June 21


Happy birthday to me and all the Gemini (born in the morning) and Cancers out there (born in the evening)! 🙂 May your birthday be a energetically positive one and I hope it’s filled with love and light.

General: King of Pentacles Rx. Someone’s afraid of rejection or are taking the easy way out today. It could be your loved one not willing to divulge things to you which is only making things worse or you wanting to kick their lazy ass out of your shared home today.

There’s quite a bit of laziness present here in the reading. Also, be wary of being overly tough as in trying to make yourself into an unemotional human being who’s very out of touch with their sensitive side.

Love : Queen of Wands Rx. Hmmm, the b**** from yesterday’s reading is present here today as well. Are you sure you’re not being too demanding and quite frankly, a bit of a drama queen today? Don’t let your emotions get the better of you and create a rift between you and your partner/love interest. They’re just doing other things and yes, they forgot to text you but should you bite their head off for that?

Career: The Hanged Man. Such a difficult day today. Everything is in a suspense and things are not moving forward today. It’s the time where you realize that your career isn’t moving forward as you want it to, and you will think deeply of what you want for your future career-wise.


Author: skyjee

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