Daily Tarot Reading for June 23

I haven’t connected to the decks fully yet but they’re just so beautiful that I wanted to try and do readings with them. Personal readings came back accurate.

General: Page of Wands and The Cross.

Fated message or ideas arriving. Feeling better after grieving for someone or something. Becoming active in pursuit of god/spirituality or trying to better yourself but running into challenging obatacles.

Love: The Wheel of Fortune Rx. And the Whip. 

You could be holding on to someone to your detriment or having a big argument with your partner is possible today. You’re moving a step back to zero instead of moving forward in your love life. 

Career: King of Cups Rx and the Mountain. You could be blocking an annoying supervisor/coworker trying to take advantage of you or trying to manipulate you emotionally in order to create a rift between co-workers.


Author: skyjee

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