Daily Tarot Reading for June 25

General: Knight of Pentacles Rx and the House. Putting an offer in for a house/apt but being too late and losing the offer or someone snatching it away comes to my mind (applicable to other situations as well such as work)

Losing your peaceful day to day life is also possible because all your feathers are ruffled today.

Love: Justice and the Stork. Making real loving changes within your current partnership.

You are listening to your partner’s wishes impartially and you are letting them know of your opinion as well.

This is a mature love where honesty is valued and where negative things are immediately changed because you both love and respect each other.

You may be discussing getting back together with ” the one who got away” (since storks return) and are trying to weigh the pros and cons of doing so.

Housing, living together, or travelling together is being discussed as well, I feel.

Career: 6 of Wands and the Cross. You got over the serious roadblock in your career that was preventing you from achieving your goals, and today, you are victorious!

You listened to yourself, perservered, and have the victorious moment all to yourself today because your career goals are met today 🙂


Author: skyjee

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