Daily Tarot Reading for June 26


We are already heading on to July! I’m quite amazed at how quick time is flying.


General: 9 of Cups and the Call. Your wish will be fulfilled right after a certain important time/event in your life today. Also, this wish may be getting fulfilled due to you making the decision to receive this wish. You said to the universe, “I’m ready to receive my manifestations.” Quite an amazing energy is around you today.


Love: 6 of Wands Rx and the King of Water. Someone’s losing their confidence today 😦 because they may think they’re lesser than you or because they feel as if they’re out of your league. But also, this could be you feeling this way about someone else as well.

Also, for those with crushes, you may get rejected or find out something that turns you off about this person. It’s up to you to turn a blind eye to their little quirks (or really disgusting turn offs) or just switch off your attraction to them.


Career: 4 of Pentacles and 5 of Fire. Ooh, competition is around you and your work today. You will need to hold fast to your seats because your position at work will be threatened due to there being people who are just as capable as you are. Also, you may be keeping to yourself and not interacting with people much because you feel as if they’re all out to bully you today.


Author: skyjee

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