Daily Tarot Reading for June 28

Well, here’s to me for buying an iPhone just to take pictures of my cards 😂

General: High Priestess and The World. Your intuition will take you where you need to be today. Trust your intuition, go with the flow, and everything you desire will come together in a beautiful way. Your intuition is in its full power today as well!

Love: 9 of Earth and 6 of Wands Rx. You’re not confident if you’ll be okay without depending on love in someway to make you happy. The lessons of 6 of Wands are following many of you this week. 

Career: 10 of Earth and 8 of Cups Rx. Your career is stable but there is a sense of you holding on to your childhood dreams. Your life isn’t complete yet although you have everything you need. 


Author: skyjee

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