Daily Tarot Reading for July 06

👋 Hello everyone! I’m back now after my rest. I needed to recharge my “ki” before I could do any daily tarot readings because I got to the point where I was constantly tired.

My energy levels are way better now because I did lots of clearing exercises and strengthened my energetic barrier that was causing this problem in the first place😥

In any case, here is your long awaited tarot reading!

General: Ace of Pentacles Rx. Are you or anyone you know afraid of lending a hand to people in need because “that’s just not what you do”? It’s time to change such behavior and attract more abundance into your life by giving first.

Love: Trust. Without trust you cannot do anything about your relationship. Not only can’t you go to the next level of your relationship, not trusting your partner will only amount to stress and resentment on both sides.

It’s easy to start jumping into conclusions whenever we think our partner does something “shady” or perhaps they were too smiley with that cashier, but it’s such an unhealthy habit to be paranoid about your partner’s behavior 24/7.

Your partner shouldn’t give you reasons to be jealous, yes. You need to talk with your partner if they’re keen on creating drama within the relationship for fun. But this isn’t just limited to your partner.

This could be you purposely doing or saying things that makes your partner feel as if they’re not enough compared to whoever you’re juxtaposing them to or talking to.

Career: The Chariot. Slow day isn’t really a slow day if you think about it. Just like pots that are thick on the bottom, it takes a while for things to bubble up to the surface showing the progress you’ve been dying to see. Calm yourself and refocus your scattered energy to accomplish your goals within your work today.


Author: skyjee

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