Daily Tarot Reading for July 08


Daily Tarot Reading for July 08✌🏻

General: 6 of Air. By letting go of your worries, anxiety, things, and people who make you feel all these, you are getting to a place of healing today.

It may be easier at first to stay in a state of anger blaming those nasty people but once you let go and let yourself be okay with what happened in the past, you will forgive them and yourself.

Love🥀: Codependency. It’s time to take a look at how you react and feel towards your partner’s every actions.

You shouldn’t depend on them to make you happy, financially stable, or emotionally stable and they shouldn’t depend on you for these as well. If you can’t do anything without your partner or if your mood swings depend on your partner’s words/actions/feelings a lot, it’s time to regain your sense of self.

Career: 7 of Wands. When you work out and squeeze your muscles, don’t they feel amazing even though they hurt momentarily and it feels like you can’t go on like that?

You know that they hurt but you keep on persevering because without the resistances that your body goes through, muscles cannot be built.

It goes the same for your career. There are annoying moments, there are moments where you feel as if nothing is going right or sometimes moments where you may not even have the time to sit down and eat your lunch, but these challenges help you grow as a person and it helps you to become wiser, stronger, and someone with a story to tell.


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