Daily Tarot Reading for July 10

General: The High Priestess Rx. Your answer/solution is right in front of you and you will get it if you can just switch your perspective a bit.

Also, you may be a little out of tune with yor higher self and your intuition at this time. It’s a good idea to pause what you’re currently doing and just focus on your inner being for awhile.

Love: Playfulness. Why so serious😈 Your worries in regards to your love life are just a speck of dust in the grandness of universe and you will laugh about your current worries later on in life because it’s so silly in retrospect.

Your partner will appreciate the change of pace in your love life and behavior at this time. Time to bring out your inner child and have fun with your partner!

Career: 9 of Cups Rx. “This isn’t what I asked for😫, the pay/benefit isn’t enough, when will I get a better job?” All these thoughts are surrounding you today. Remember, everyone goes through this every once in awhile in their lives and the best way to get rid of such impatience is to focus on what you have in terms of your career and turn your focus to that.


Author: skyjee

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