Daily Tarot Reading for July 14

Covering the mess that’s called my bed with a plaid shirt since plaid is always in style👌

General: 5 of Pentacles Rx. Your predicament is getting a whole lot better today. The progress you’ll be seeing may not wow everyone but keep in mind that it is still PROGRESS whether it’s your finances, insecurities, breakups, etc., whatever negative things that have been bothering you will change today.

Love: Chemistry. People with whom we have a chemistry with do not always come into our lives pleasantly. Sometimes it feels so uncomfortable that you hate them for no reason at all.

Delve into the reason behind you liking another person and you’ll see yourself in there. Also, this speaks of a mutual attraction being present. This person finishes your sentences and you finish theirs.

Career: Five of Wands Rx. If you have an office bully, they’ll be reminded of the fact that you’re not someone to be messed with today. There’s an energy of giving up as well so you may need to rethink whatever rash thoughts that come to your mind today. Don’t quit your job just because your boss is unbearable. Think about the long term future!


Author: skyjee

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