About Spells

This page is a compilation of questions I got about my services and the answers I have for them.

UPDATE: About Demons and Luciferianism.

Just to be clear once more, yes, I do work with demons when I think the situation requires their presence (especially now more than ever- all my black magick spell rituals involve the evocation of specific demons now with video proof of the pact and ritual cast for you).

And no, I don’t evoke them to re-create the “conjuring” series. I work with Demons and many other deities because I grew up being near their presence, learning a great deal from them- especially of their true nature.

They are not necessarily evil in the ways that you think. And they’re don’t have a vested interest in ruining our lives with their “evil nature” 24/7, just to suit their murderous mood.

They’re actually pretty chill, like to dominate and intimidate, but are also pretty wise. They acknowledge and embrace their dark sides and encourage us to look deep within ourselves and be honest about such aspects of ourselves too.

They’re more of a chaotic neutral, to be honest. And no, they don’t want my soul and trust me, I’ve offered it before in my darkest hours. They agreed to help me, I made a pact, the demons agreed to the pact, and then that was it.

My relationships with deities and demons (did you know that many of the deities you’re familiar with are actually are repeated across cultures with similar roles? Everything is connected) are more of a mutually beneficial teamwork.

If you had to really categorize it, I do walk the left hand path. I don’t create chaos unnecessarily and respect other people, however, I also don’t believe in the LOA’s mantra of “do good, ignore the bad” because even if you were to turn the other cheek for millions of offences done to you, it doesn’t make  you any wiser than your regular Joe. Spiritual superiority complex is a real thing, my people.


  • What are spells?

Spells are INTENTS, in a nutshell. Think of everything in the universe as energy. Law of attraction is closely related to spells and magick as well. It’s just a different name and use for it. Everything you have in your life right now are a culmination of your past thoughts, feelings, and intents.

Your thoughts and feelings are your focus in life. If you’re focused on the “negative” things that you’re desperate to change, then you won’t be changing it because that’s what you’re attracting through your emotional focus.


  • So, it’s the law of attraction but why are you charging money for it? And why do you keep telling me to stay relaxed to clear the “energies”

If you could do it yourself because you’ve mastered it (complete detachment yet still maintaining a strong will and focus to achieve your desires) then you wouldn’t be looking at my website.

What I’m doing is to raise great amount of emotional energies and drive behind your intents myself and give you directions in how to stay calm and relaxed so that there isn’t too much resistance between you and your goals.

Resistance is like a bump in the road when you’re trying to manifest something in your life and same applies to spells as well. These come up in the form of self doubt, anxiety, depression, or general sense of negativity.

It takes self control to not indulge in these behaviors because if you do, your situation will remain the same. Remember, you’re going to attract what you’re focused on. But this being said, resistance isn’t bad for you.

Think of an arrow and a bow. It can’t shoot out far without power and resistance behind it. So it’s really how you accept those resistances that really makes or breaks your situation which is why I include a spell report for you to follow.

If you can do all these yourself (raise great amount of energy, release it, clear the energy around you, and etc) then you don’t need my services.


  • I don’t want to use your services because you delve in black magick. 

Just to clear up a few things, I don’t kill animals or sacrifice cute lil babies to cast black magick spells. Spells are categorized into 3 ways: White, Gray, and Black. And they all have different amount of power and intents behind them. And the whole shebang in the universe is really just about your choices and the consequences. 

White and gray magick spells are basically intents you’re sending out to the universe saying I’d like a certain event to occur in my life but without harming them, taking something from them, or violating their free will. So it may take longer or shorter time for it to manifest in your life. The time it takes depends on how close your timeline is to those goals.

Black magick spells are basically you intending something to manifest no matter what conditions you are in because you want it so badly in your life. Most people don’t have enough psychic power (Ki) and will to do this alone so I do it for you for a price which is why there’s a big gap in all my service’s prices.

I’ll cast it for you but you need to live with the consequences which is the number 1 reason I tell you to think carefully. It’s not about the spell backfiring or marking your karma (no matter how pure you want to live in this lifetime, you will still be back here on earth to experience things in other lifetimes. Everything is just that- experience and consequences).

It’s about you being ready to live with whatever consequences your choice brings. For example, let’s say, you changed your future timeline with black magick to be with a certain partner when they decided to leave you out of their own free will.

You can change their mind and what you’re experiencing currently in your life with black magick, yes. And let’s say you brought them back. Unless you’re a tarot reader (like me) or psychic that likes to predict things quite often and make plans to evade the potential negative events, you don’t know what’s ahead of you.

So you have no idea that by bringing this person back into your life, you missed out on other great connections, or perhaps even made them miss out on their life lessons (that’s present by being with other people).

There is no judgement from the universe in you getting the black magick spell. But only get it if you’re ready for the consequences whatever they are.


  • What are you really? A shaman, a witch, or a new age hippie fraud?

What are you really? A human being or a part of the divine? I’m a spiritual person in touch with finer energies of the universe seeking experience. That’s it. So I can be all that and none of it as well (now I’m like a Buddhist :D).

I’m made up of all the lessons present in Korean shamanism ( I take what works and throw out what doesn’t), deity worship (present in Korean culture as well as numerous other cultures), new age-ism (think do good and ignore the bad), law of attraction and work it into my services.

There is power behind worship and those deities do exist because of all the prayers sent to them for thousands of years. So I do believe in deities and spirits, and I work with them as well in my work. I request things, they deliver, and I place energetic/physical offerings as a gratitude. Give and take is important.

I’m an experimenter with an open mind and my ways of doing things are liable to change if I experience different things in time to come. I’m not a stubborn person.


Will be adding more to the entry in the future.