About Tarot Readings (UPDATED)

This page is a compilation of questions I got about my services and the answers I have for them.

  • Why did you get rid of the email tarot reading? I was so fond of it!

I don’t do email readings at this time as I felt that it wasn’t a very popular option for many of my clients. Many of them have said that they prefer the accuracy of the live online chat readings due to numerous reasons such as  UNLIMITED QUESTIONS & PSYCHIC CONNECTION LEADING TO A HIGH QUALITY READING. The price stills stays just as affordable as it was in the past.


  • Why are your services so cheap? I never had a good tarot reading for $5. (update: Not Available as of now- Live CHAT READINGS FOR $30/ 30 mins. is available)

I made them affordable because I wanted to be a kind of reader that is available to everyone whether they’re financially abundant or are experiencing financial difficulties.

There was a period in my life where I desperately needed answers but due to my financial situation, I was unable to get tarot readings and when I could get the readings, I found some “popular” readers very uncaring. So it’s a commitment to myself to give a reading for everyone who needs it.


  • Are they even accurate?

They are although some times I have hits and misses as well, just like every other readers out there. It really depends on how much of your situation you reveal. The tarot can have unlimited interpretations depending on your situation and question.

All tarot readers understand this which is why we really prefer specific questions over general readings. Tarot readers don’t sit in a dark room talking with the devil and getting visions ALL THE TIME. It doesn’t work like that. Tarot readers read the cards to pick out the recurring patterns and to really see what the cards are saying.

For example, If you ask me if you’ll get a job then don’t reveal the fact that you’ve been unemployed for a long while, then it depends on your spirit guides and the universe to reveal this fact to me.

If it’s unimportant, then I won’t receive that message/vision (or a mix of two sometimes). And of course, since I don’t have that piece of information that you’ve been unemployed, the interpretation has to change accordingly. Remember, cards can have up to thousand of possible interpretations. 


  • You’re a psychic. If you’re the real deal you owe me a free reading because I’m poor and you’re supposed to help people.

Well, um.. do you just barge in to Walmart and ask for free stuffs because you’re poor? Why don’t the Walmart employees give you free stuff then? Because it took a certain amount of time and energy to create that product and it is the same thing for tarot readings as well.

It takes my time and energy to create a tarot reading tailored to your energy and situation. And as all services, I’m charging accordingly. You don’t have the right to guilt trip me into giving you a free tarot reading and I have no intentions to when other people in the same situation as yourself are paying for theirs.

I have free tarot reading (FREE 5 MIN LIVE CHAT- ONLY for INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS) currently available, so be sure to check that out if you’d like a quick reading done for no cost.


  • I don’t like your attitude. You’re rude and your readings are inaccurate so do it again (so I’ll hear the answer I want)
haha, this one is actually my favorite.

At least I have a personality 🙂 I’m not Jesus and I’m definitely not always kind. I think it’s hypocritical to pretend that I’m good or perfect because I’m on a spiritual journey. I do have an attitude if I think you’ve behaved unfairly or are demanding without regards for others.

I have a commitment to myself which is to help others gain clarity and guidance. If you come to me with a fake smile and niceness that changes as soon as I give you a tarot reading that you don’t want to accept then I’ll be polite to you and try to open your mind to other possibilities.

But if you keep bothering me with 20 emails in one day then I’m going to set my foot down and GIVE YOU A SPIRITUAL SPANKING. And when I do, you won’t like it as much as Anastasia Steele did.


  • Why are your readings so vague? Like, put your foot down. Am I going to get the job or what?

Because our future is always open. Think of a railroad with millions of tracks that is movable through your thoughts, feelings, and intentions. If the answer is negative then I find ways to make it work for you by finding the root of the problem and giving you the advice that you need.

For your question about your job, no, you weren’t going to get it if you kept doing the same thing over and over again. So instead of saying things definitely, I suggested ways for you to change the most likely negative future outcome into a positive one (you getting the job). Again, this is my style.


  • Why are you so different in your email readings compared to your youtube channel (Skyjee Tarot & Spells)?

Youtube is my customer service persona. No, it’s because I need to write in a short and concise way and there is no point in straying outside of the readings and talking about my experiences with particular cards when I’m doing email readings.


Will be adding more to the entry in the future.