That blunt tarot reader you love to hate

Welcome to Skyjee Tarot and nice to meet you.

My name is Sky but I call myself Skyjee because this name has a special significance for me. I am a pretty normal and decent (I like to think so, atleast) human being dedicating my lifepath in helping other souls gain clarity and guidance. 

I never sugar coat my readings so I’m blunt. And I hate it when people come to me with a defeatist attitude. You have this amazing potential to live your life in this lifetime with many opportunities for success and contentment. Life never beats you down. It challenges you and it is my mission to help you gain clarity and a sense of mission again.

My favorite readings are career and success readings. I like to help people find their way again and to clear their energy blocks. I love doing love readings as well because I’m a cancerian with mercury, venus, and mars in Gemini and I live to flirt and love.

I will help you in anyway I can so that your current energy blocks will clear up and you can progress in your life again. I realized that I was different from other children from a young age because I would get visions, dreams, and a intuitive voice inside me that would predict things. I now use this gift with a mission to help other souls in need of guidance, clarity, and loving energy.