Gray Magick Spells


This is a gray magick spell and I will be psychically implanting recurring thoughts and feelings of your choice to your target or to yourself in order to change your current situation and future.  

Get this spell if you are not seeing any results with white magick because the resistance is too great or because you keep inserting your  negative will that  negate the effect of the white magick spell.

Cast this POWERFUL spell to:

  • Get someone to love you
  • Get your Ex back right now
  • Make your lover bound to you
  • Break up a relationship
  • Marry someone

This Spell will alter your timeline so that you and your desired one will always be on the same timeline. This will make your lover go crazy with yearning and desire but ultimately they still have freewill and you will not be forcing your will on them.

All Gray Magick Spells: $50.00 (1 Spell+Candle+Sigil Cast for 7 days )

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I am going to protect all my customers against negative entities and negative karma backfiring the spell. Whatever you do, you are safe because I will be protecting you.

After Purchase, you will be sent to the contact page or use the contact form below to fill in your information such as:

  • Name/s (if for 2 or more people)
  • Date of Birth/s
  • Your choice of Spell
  • Outcome you desire

Pictures are highly recommended for spells because it helps me connect to you better resulting in faster spell work. Send to

If you do not see results within 30 days I will personally guarantee another spell casting. Another Shaman and I will cast the spell together with our spirits to ensure total manifestation of the spell.

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