Spell Casting (White Magick)


Binding Spell: Permission required from 2nd party.

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Get this classic and effective spell to get your desires manifest into your reality. Have you ever wanted something badly and tried everything from spell casters to law of attraction but didn’t get any RESULTS? Well, you’ve come to the right place to fix your situation and achieve your dreams and wishes!


If you can think of it, I can cast it

(as long as it respects everyone’s freewill)

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After Purchase, you will be sent to the contact page or use the contact form below to fill in your information such as:

  • Name/s (if for 2 or more people)
  • Date of Birth/s
  • Your choice of Spell
  • Outcome you desire
If your information is not complete, your spell casting will be delayed.

Pictures are highly recommended for spells because it helps me connect to you better resulting in faster spell work. Send to skyjeespells@gmail.com

24 hour delivery